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How To Come Up With Intriguing Ideas For A Research Paper

If you have ever had to come up with your own research paper idea then you probably already know that it can be tough sometimes. Especially when you are overwhelmed with other assignments or you are not certain that your ideas are worthy enough for an extensive project like this.

Consider the things the instructor expects from you

The first thing you need to do is have a close look at the prompt and think about what it is the instructor is asking of you with the assignment. There are usually keywords that can help you deduce exactly what you are expected to achieve. If you don’t understand he assignment then you should ask about it immediately before you go off the path.

Think of some topic areas you’d like to explore

No class can go in-depth on every topic area that is mentioned during the course of a semester. Most material is reviewed on the surface level, thus leaving you with plenty of opportunity to dig deeper. Scan your syllabus for topic areas you think would be interesting to explore further. Do some light reading and you’ll come up with a topic in no time.

Develop a list of questions you would like answered

Another really good method is make a list of questions that may have come up in class or intrigued you in some way that you would like to see answered. You’ll probably need some assistance in focusing your questions to a single topic, but this is usually a really effective start for coming up with fresh ideas.

Have an open discussion with your classmates

We tend to naturally get into heated and not-so-heated debates with our friends every day. Applying this same approach you can probably come up with some great topic ideas by having a brainstorming session or open discussion with your classmates. Ask plenty of questions and challenge others to keep the conversation going. This is a great exercise the will benefit you and your classmates.

Think outside the box then reel your ideas in a bit

It’s true about there being an appropriate time or place for the serious and not-so-serious discussion of certain subjects. But this shouldn’t discourage you from having some fun and thinking outside the box to at least develop a seed to grow into a good research paper topic. Be creative then apply some critical thinking to turn a fun idea into one that fits the assignment’s parameters.