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High School Research Paper Writing Hints for Beginners

You will find that the requirements for your papers become stricter and more rigorous. The good news is that writing is something you will get good at with practice.

#1: Research Your Topic Before You Pick It

After reading that heading, you may be thinking, “How can I find information if I do not know what I’m looking for?” Before you finalize your topic, you will want to do enough research on it to know if you can find a substantial amount of information to support your thesis. You will also be able to effectively broaden or narrow your topic to fit the length of your assignment.

#2: Document Your References as You Use Them

Instead of saving all of your work for your references for the end, make the entries for your works cited page as you go. When you do this, you keep yourself on track and ensure that you will not forget references. It also bypasses the tedious process of putting together an entire page full of references at the end of your assignment. Likewise, you should cite your information in the body of your paper as you use your sources if it is required.

#3: Use Note Cards to Organize Your Outline

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to create an outline is using notecards. Choose two different colors of note cards, one for your main points and one for your supporting details. Write down your working thesis statement on a sheet of paper and organize your note cards according to how you want them to appear in your paper. From here, you have the option of composing the body of your work directly from the cards or using them to create a traditional outline first.

#4: Proofread Twice

Readability and spelling and grammar require to use two separate sides of your brain. Instead of trying to do all of your proofreading at once, check for readability the first time you read through. The second time, focus on spelling, grammar, and punctuation.