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An Easy Guide On How To Write The Research Paper Outline

When you are going to write a research paper, you can follow a definite guideline to present logically coherent and well-designed content. So, before you even choose a topic, read the following list of steps that will lead you to a professionally written paper.

10 Steps to Write the Research Paper Online

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. You should consider the time frames you have for this work, the necessary length of this writing assignment, target audience, and the available resources, as well as your personal interests and preferences.

  3. Specify the topic.
  4. Now you just need to read the material about the subject without taking notes. You are just required to narrow your topic to fit the length limits and still study the most important information. It's necessary to determine the viewpoint of your work.

  5. State a thesis.
  6. As you have already understood the clue idea of your work, it’s time to express it in the thesis. It will make easier for you to focus on the subject and study only the relevant material.

  7. Determine a preliminary bibliography.
  8. You should choose books and articles you are going to use information from. It’s necessary to consider whether these sources are up-to-date and describe the subject well enough.

  9. Write a working outline.
  10. It will help you take notes and organize your work. Make a list of topics you are going to study in your paper and it will be easier to choose the necessary material.

  11. Begin taking notes.
  12. Now you can take notes from the sources chosen earlier. It’s convenient to use index cards for your notes labeling each one with the related topic and the title of your source.

  13. Make the final outline.
  14. Using the working outline, you are required to write the final one which is more complex. Each topic should be divided into smaller subtopics. This final outline reflects the format of your paper organization.

  15. Write a draft.
  16. You need to focus on the content and expand your outline using information from your cards. Follow the structure given: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

  17. Edit the draft.
  18. Now you need to check whether all the information chosen before is included in your draft and whether each topic is supported by evidence. Make sure you check spelling, punctuation, and formatting of the paper.

  19. Write the final paper.
  20. It must be typed and include the bibliography and citations. You should also proofread your work to exclude any mechanical errors.


Writing a research paper is quite easy when you have the plan and understand how to organize information in the appropriate format. Be sure to find the relevant sources and avoid controversial information.