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Top 25 Ideas For Civil Engineering Research Papers

When Considering Ideas For Your Civil Engineering Research Paper, There Are 2 Important Things To Consider Which Contribute To The Overall Quality Of Your Completed Work:

  1. Find a topic which deeply intrigues you.
  2. Working on a thesis that you have a deep curiosity for will give you that intrinsic motivation to push through the arduous task of researching and synthesising your findings. Curiosity is the greatest motivator for exploration and if you pick a topic that you do not possess a natural curiosity for, you will only find it that much harder to develop an intelligent perspective of it.

  3. Identify pressing challenges in the industry.
  4. Every industry comes into contact with a fresh set of challenges every decade or so as new technologies and new ideas emerge and previous technologies and strategies start to reveal long-term negative implications. Finding out where the currents are flowing and what the community is currently focusing on will help you familiarise yourself with the terrain and gain a perspective from which you can contribute in your own unique way.

Here is a list of the top 25 emerging trends and challenges in Civil Engineering that make for a good thesis:

  1. Feasibility Studies on Nano-materials, with Emphasis on Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT).
  2. Rapid Prototyping of Thermoplastic Composites.
  3. Insights on Global Sustainability from Evaluation of Ancient Technologies.
  4. Maximising Road Network Efficiency Capacity with Intelligent Transport Systems.
  5. Biomimetic Strategies for Developing Efficient Structural Systems.
  6. Applications of Intelligent Structures for Civil Systems in Earthquake Zones.
  7. Low-cost Smart Materials for Marine Industries.
  8. Biomimetic Strategies for Contaminant Transport Systems in Fluoride Rich Groundwater.
  9. Feasibility Studies on 3D-printing Composite Materials for Large Urban Structures.
  10. Biomimetic Strategies for Waste Water Treatment.
  11. Seismic Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations, with Emphasis on Inclined Ground.
  12. Behaviour Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Block Shear
  13. Seismic Response of Cellular Confinement Systems.
  14. Studies on Toughness Amplification in Nature and its Applications for Developing Composite Materials
  15. Implications of Sensing Systems for Structural Health Monitoring.
  16. Modelling Contaminant Flow through Ground Water and Vadoze Zone.
  17. Informing Conservation Strategies through Understanding Complex Degradation Processes of Ancient Technologies.
  18. Study on Geocell Reinforcement Mechanisms and Influencing Factors.
  19. Significance of The Giroud-Han Method for Polymeric Alloy Geocell Systems.
  20. Soil Damping Considerations in Analysis of Dynamic Response of Machine Foundations.
  21. Experimental Investigations into Block Shear Failure on Tension Members.
  22. Earthquake Load Modelling Using Critical Excitation Method.
  23. Urbanisation and its Effects on Lake Hydrologic Processes.
  24. Feasibility studies on rainwater harvesting systems in developing countries.
  25. The significance of rainwater harvesting systems on soil erosion.